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Sights and Sounds of Learning Excursions

We are pleased to share with you today a piece from our storytelling series of reflections and noticings coming out of our convening in Tucson!

Please stay tuned for more writings from our team of storytellers and revisit the blog here to see them all in the coming months.


A number of storytellers captured their thoughts in images and short pieces. We'll be sharing those as well as the longer writing.

Mission Gardens - The Land We Are On

By Rickyana Estrada


Feeling & Knowing: Bringing a Sense of Belonging to Assessment

By Shannon King

When it comes to assessment, do we honor that? The humanness of learning? The humans we are learning with and from? Here is a Quilt of Quotes woven from some of the humans I learned from in Tucson.'

Please click on the image below to enlarge!


About the Storytellers

Rickyana Estrada is a master teacher in the Tucson Unified School District. Rickyana has over twenty years of experience in education as a middle school teacher, culturally responsive mentor/coach, district-wide professional development presenter and curriculum writer with expertise on middle school Language Arts and Social Studies. Rickyana is also the President of the Arizona Council for the Social Studies.

Dr. Shannon King leads the Battelle for Kids research and innovation in 21st century learning and assessment design, as well as helping school leaders intentionally align their systems to take their vision to scale.

Shannon has more than 25 years of experience in education roles, including classroom teacher, gifted

education resource teacher, instructional coach, and as an administrator supporting professional development and instructional best practices. Shannon also works with graduate students as an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University and the University of Virginia, teaching master’s level courses in educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, assessment, differentiation, gifted education, and educational research. Shannon frequently shares her expertise as a presenter at state, regional, and national conferences on topics such as deeper learning, assessment design, instructional coaching, educational leadership and school transformation.

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