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Virtual learning groups

Connecting Around Shared Curiosity

Download a PDF of our offerings to share with your network:

In the past, learning groups have been spaces for robust conversations, critical connections, and community building. This fall we will be building on this great history by launching learning groups that will be rooted in new books that provoke, inspire, and explain ideas to transform education and how we approach it as leaders and learners. The first of the 2023-2024 school year is launching October 19th and you are invited to join any or all! Keep scrolling to learn more.


The model for the Learning Groups may vary slightly depending on the topic or the facilitator, but will consist of the following components: 

  • Activate the AFL learning community by bringing together a diverse group of 15-50 national learners from across role, educational context, and lived experience. 

  • Convene virtually for four or five 90-minute live sessions at a time that seeks to serve all time zones represented. Sessions will be spaced two weeks apart to allow for participants to process new learnings and to keep the meeting condensed and allow participants to attend multiple groups. 

  • Using a shared topic, groups are anchored by either a recently published and relevant book (mailed to you) or text resources and facilitated to encourage rich dialogue, application of concepts and to create an inclusive and communal experience


  • Cost: $149.00 per person or $449.00 for a team of 5-10 participants

    • The cost per participant is set to cover the cost of the included book, shipping and facilitation of all sessions. AFL is committed to expanding diversity in our community, and consistent with our convening processes, we are happy to offer fully sponsored participation to BIPOC educators. We also have a limited pool of funds to support other educators for whom cost would be prohibitive of their participation. Please email us if you are interested in BIPOC sponsorship or request other assistance.

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Meet Our Learning Group Sessions

​Fall 2023
Open Systems - Redesigning Education with Communities - Launching October 2023
Registration closed
  • Facilitated by: co-author, Doannie Tran

  • Description: This Learning Group could be for you if traditional forms of “community engagement” are starting to feel inadequate - if surveys and focus groups don’t feel like the only way to empower your community, but you’re not sure what else to do. 

  • Anchor Text: The Open System: Redesigning Education and Reigniting Democracy by Landon Mascareñaz and Doannie Tran

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winter 2024
Grading for Equity- Launching January 2024
Register here!
  • Facilitated by: Courtney Fenner and Nikole Joshi of the Crescendo Education Group

  • Description: The Grading for Equity Book Study is a new program that provides a structured approach to collectively engage teachers and administrators (and even caregivers and students!) in meaningful discussions about the why, the what, and the how of equitable grading.

  • Book Study sessions are 90 minutes in length and are different than other Learning Groups, they are scheduled once a month over four months.

  • Anchor Text: Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms by Joe Feldman

  • Registration Open!

Spring 2024
Street Data
  • Facilitated by: Alcine Mumby, co-host of the Street Data Podcast

  • Description: Education can be transformed if we eradicate our fixation on big data like standardized test scores as the supreme measure of equity and learning. Instead of the focus being on "fixing" and "filling" academic gaps, we must envision and rebuild the system from the student up―with classrooms, schools and systems built around students’ brilliance, cultural wealth, and intellectual potential. Street data reminds us that what is measurable is not the same as what is valuable and that data can be humanizing, liberatory and healing. 

  • Anchor Text: Street Data: A Next-Generation Model for Equity, Pedagogy, and School Transformation by Shane Safir and Jamila Dugan

Spring 2024
White Supremacy Culture
  • Facilitated by: Alcine Mumby

  • Details coming soon!

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